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Comprehensive Website Analysis

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How Can A Thorough Website Analysis Help Your Business?

One of the hardest things about optimizing your website is knowing where to start. How do you know what to fix, when you are not even sure what is wrong?
Even if you can hire someone to help you with your online marketing strategy, you will still need to know what are the issues on your site, and the steps to be taken to fix them. Otherwise, you will be paying too much for a “package” which does not directly address the issues that your website needs to bring results. 
With our audit, you can find out what is wrong with your website, why those things are important to search engines, and you will have a roadmap for an optimized website. If you require, we can also provide the service to perform the optimization for you. 

What Does Our Audit Check?

Our audit are 100% human performed with the use of premium tools. We check over 150 items, covering aspects like:

  • On Page Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Citation Analysis
  • Link Analysis

We will provide recommendations on the issues we found, so that you have a list of action items to remedy these items which affect ranking, either by yourself or our service.

What Happens When You Purchase Our Indepth Website Audit Service?

We will ask you to fill up our questionaire so that we ensure the audit take your business goals into consideration

There will be a short 15 minute call to verify your Google Analytics and Search Console are set up and tracking properly

We audit your website and create a detailed report and provide a video to explain each part clearly

You can take the plan and implement the changes on your own, or hire us (or someone else) to help you

Tell Us More About Your Website, and We will Tell You How We Can Help!

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