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What Could You Do With

An Extra 30 Customers

Each and Every Month,



We conduct real life Customer Research & Precision Targeting to provide your business with direct and measurable results.

We guarantee 30 Customer Opportunities per month

(or we pay your next month’s bill!)

We Provide Highly-Targeted Lead Generation Services  

You are an expert in your field, your business provides a great service, but one of the biggest challenge of business is getting customers through the door.

This is where Aperture Web Solutions come in. We take the headaches of market research, sales funnels and all the technical stuff off your plate, so you can focus on your business. Our promise to you: We will send at least 30 highly-targeted customer opportunities straight to you each and every month. 
The best part? We will show you real data and measurable results of your campaign, so you know the exact impact we are having on your business. 
Book a Free Strategy Session where we will dive into your business to learn more and provide you with a customized marketing strategy. 


Our Process

1. Customer Research

Uncovers the reasons why people are or not buying

2. Facebook Ad

Target and reach your ideal audience based on location, age, gender, interests and behaviors.

3. Landing Pages

Collect information of people who take action to make appointments

4. Notifications

Notification and tracking whenever a lead is generated

Why Customer Research?

Success is not luck, it’s research and analysis. There is no room for guess work here.
Ineffective marketers will start running ads and offers to your market without ever considering who is on the other end. It’s a great way to waste your money. 
We study your market and focus on identifying the needs, wants, fears, goals and desires of your past, present, future customers. 
Every campaign we run, always starts with customer research. If you do not agree with that approach, we respect that, but it simply means we cannot accept you on-board as one of our clients.
Our focus is on your ROI, and not CPC. It does not matter if it cost $10 per click or $0.01. If you are not making money, what is the point?
Custom surveys are used to study your market and interview them. This results in getting deep understanding of their unique languages and buying triggers, and literally provide us with the answers on how to sell to them. 
With the customer research findings, only then we can properly target the market, position an offer and convert clicks into customers.

Want to get at least 30 Customer Opportunities each and every month for your business?  Schedule a Free Strategy Session with us to find out more.